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    Paestum, the ancient Greek city (the temples); Paestum’s archaeological museum; Vannulo breakfast; Paestum Festival (ballet or concert)

    9:00: Breakfast out at Vannulo’s, famous for its mozzarelle di buffala (made from buffalo milk.) and its buffalo-milk cappuccini, yoghurt, butter, whipped-cream, ice cream and more!

    Vannulo yogurt

    Vannulo yogurt

    10:00: – 12:00 Spotlight: Paestum  the Doric Order: columns, temples,  statues … lecture, discussion, and sketching/collage session

    12.00 – 12:30: Survival Italian: ordering ice cream and the conditional ...I would like a chocolate ice-cream cone, please. I would like to go to Paris. We would like to visit Pompeii tomorrow .. etc.

    12:30 – 1:00 lunch prep (in Italian), for example, setting the table: Here are the forks; where are the glasses? Who can fold the napkins? etc!

    1:15: lunch in the Villa Lucia garden: prosciutto, melone, pasta, salad

    Local Paestum vase painting

    Local Paestum vase painting

    3:00: Departure for Paestum’s archaeological area (5 min drive); ice cream and coffee at the Paestum Café

    3:30 – 4:30 Sleuths of the Past (students are given an exercise to do at the archaeological area of Paestum)

    4:30 – 6:00: Paestum’s archaeological museum, Your Paestum: each student sketches or writes about an artifact connected to the Paestum temple he or she is working on; group tour; student presentations

    Tomb of the diver (famous ancient Greek painting)

    Tomb of the diver (famous ancient Greek painting)

    6:00- 7:30: Group visit to the archaeological area, in particular, the three great Doric temples.

    8:00: Dinner, a two-course Italian meal

    9:30: Paestum Festival – a concert or ballet at the temple of Athena


    Paestum festival

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