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    Archaeology Boot Camp
 where students read, write, think and dream Classical Archaeology

    July 18th – July 22nd Orientation in our HS home-base, in Assisi, Umbria.

    July 24th – July 30th HSABC goes south to explore the Amalfi Coast, the Roman city of Pompeii and the Greek city of Paestum.

    July 24th – July 31st: HSABC students may elect to extend their stay by a week and explore the archaeology of the city of Rome.

     At HSABC, students discover the sense of adventure and exploration at the heart of archaeology. HSABC starts out with a 5-day orientation in Assisi, Umbria, and then heads south for intensive, site-specific exploration and study of the Roman city of Pompeii and the Greek city of Paestm. Home-base down south is a charming Villa not far from the archaeological site of Paestum.

    HSABC teaches students to observe carefully, to explore on their own, and and to develop their own archaeological imaginations and intuitions.

    Students absorb as much as they can about everything — from classical inscriptions to ancient city-planning, from temples and agora to mosaics and baths and begin to appreciate and connect to the great beauty of the Greek and Roman art they see everywhere.

    They study, too, the work and methodologies of great archaeologists of the past. Students also read poets and historians (from classical to contemporary) who shed light on the archaeological sites we visit and experience together.

     Classes highlight the particular architectural and artistic marvels of each ancient city and archaeological site we visit.

    Students at HSABC need have no previous background or knowledge of archaeology (or of Greek Latin, or Italian). The only pre-requisites at HSABC are open-mindedness and the desire to learn.

    At the House of Venus in Pompeii

    At the House of Venus in Pompeii



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