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    Humanities Spring in Assisi 2017 will run from June 24th to July 22nd. 

    Students may choose to spend an extra week at HSIA from July 23rd to July 30th, when we will travel south to tour Pompeii, Paestum, and the Amalfi Coast. Home-base will be the charming Villa Lucia in Paestum, with terraces, gardens, air-conditioning and wifi, just a 5 minute walk from the beautiful Paestum beach, and a five minute drive to the 6th – century b.C. Greek city of Paestum.

    For more information on HSIA goes south and an itinerary for our trip  visit this page.

    Students may also elect to spend an extra archaeological week in Rome this summer from June 31st to August 6th. Students will study Republican, and in particular Julius Caesar’s Rome, and get to know the ancient city of Rome quite well, eating lots of ice cream (of course!) on the way.


    HSIA 2017 will cost 4,200 USD.

    The Pompeii, Paestum and Amalfi Coast tour (from July 23rd to July 30th) will cost 850 USD for Humanities Spring in Assisi students.

    The archaeological week in Rome will also cost 850 USD.

    All students who apply by March 15th are automatically eligible for our 250 USD EER (early enrollment reduction).

    HSIA is a not-for-profit. We are committed to making it possible for enthusiastic and dedicated students to attend. If you are seriously interested in coming to Humanities Spring in Assisi, please take time with the application, and we will do our best to work with you so that you can be a part of HSIA this summer.  Please see below  (after HSIA insurance) for a description of scholarships you can apply for for this summer.

    Assisi shopping Cost Covers:

    • Airport pickup and return
    • All transportation within Italy
    • Tuition
    • Walking tours and guided visits
    • All admission fees to castles, museums, archaeological sites, gardens, etc. (i.e. anything we visit as a group)
    • All tickets to opera, puppet show, concerts (i.e. to all group-attended events)
    • Room and board (except for the occasional lunch or dinner out).

    Relaxing in PompeiiApplication fee:  There is a HSIA application fee of 50 USD. Please send this to us along with your application.

    HSIA insurance: All students must come to HSIA with full insurance coverage or buy our HSIA policy (additional 145 USD). HSIA uses the medical services of the Assisi Hospital, a small, excellent hospital twenty minutes away.


    HSIA offers two kinds of scholarships to interested applicants. Students are very welcome to apply for both!

    Work-study scholarships: Students may work at Humanities Spring to offset the costs of the program. Students might do anything from washing windows to organizing our library loft or from student-teaching to helping our Italian cook make Italian cakes for evening serate. We try to create work-study schedules which are fruitful for the work-study student, as well as the HSIA community at large.

    We think work is an important learning experience; all HSIA students have a half-hour daily chore.

    We also offer the opportunity to do work-study before and after the regular HSIA session, both in June and in August. We encourage students to do at least some of their work-study in these periods as it makes it possible for us to award them more work-study and leaves them freer to participate more fully in both programs. High School students may apply for up to 500 dollars in work-study. College students may apply for partial or full scholarships. Please click on Work-Study Scholarships below for more detailed information and a work-study application.

    HSIA Work-Study

    New work-study opportunity!!! As of the summer of 2014, HSIA students may request to work as counselors-in-training at our HS Kids program as part of their work-study, either for one or two weeks in June, before the HSIA session begins, or for 1-4 weeks in July-August, after the program is over. Interested applicants should fill out the HS KIDS work-study application (click below). The application includes a description of HS Kids and should give you a pretty good sense of what you would be doing as a counselor-in-training.

    HS Kids Work-Study

    Helping Hand Scholarships: Helping Hand (HH) scholarships are awarded strictly on the basis of need. Their aim is to make it possible for interested and qualified students, who could not otherwise attend HSIA, to take part in the program. HH scholarships are usually combined with (and supplement!) work-study scholarships. Please click below for a HH application.

    Helping Hand Application 


    All payments should be made by check or bank transfer. Checks should be made out to “Humanities Spring in Assisi”. Please send all payments by regular US snail mail, much faster (and more reliable!!!) than any of the courier services. For bank transfers, send us an e-mail at info@humanitiesspring.com and we will send you all the information you need.

    *** Those who wish to pay with PayPal should add a 5 % commission to the amount paid.


    white duckHSIA application fee (50 USD): Please include your application fee with your HSIA application.

    HSIA deposit (500 USD): Once you have been accepted to the program we ask that you send us your HSIA deposit within a week.

    HSIA payment-in-full: Payment-in-full should be sent to us at Humanities Spring by May 15th.


    HSIA also offers a teaching internship for graduate students and qualified undergraduates. Please include two detailed course proposals with your HSIA application form and a detailed description of all previous teaching experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at info@humanitiesspring.com.

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