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    Essay Questions

    1) Write out two or three lines of Latin or Greek* of which you are particularly fond. Translate and explain what it is abou the lines you love. (*If you do not know Latin or Greek, you may use any foreign language for your answer.)

    2) Which is your favorite of Shakespeare’s plays and why? If you have read no Shakespeare, use a play by another author for your answer.

    3) Please list the periods of art you like. Pick a particular painting from one of these periods and explain why you like it.

    4) What work of literature has influenced you as a human being. Explain how.

    Short Answer Questions

    1) What is your name?

    2) How old are you?

    3) Where are you from?

    4) What are your strength as a student?

    5) Your weaknesses?

    6) What is your favorite subject and why?

    7) Your least favorite? Why?

    8) What foreign languages do you know? How well?

    9) What would you like to study that you have not yet studied?

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