• Domanda di Iscrizione HS Archeologia

    Immaginatela come la vostra prima avventura a HSABC – è un modo per farvi capire il tipo di domande che vi faremo a HS per conoscervi meglio come studenti (e come persone!)

    Short Essays

    1. Why are you interested in attending HSABC? Please be as specific as possible. (Don't worry – there are no right or wrong answers here. HS is always very happy when our students have different backgrounds and interests. It makes the experience more stimulating and fruitful for everyone. )

    2. Please define archaeology in your own words.

    3. Please list from two to five works of art or architecture (these may be classical or contemporary, famous or a building you grew up with) that have a particular meaning for you. Then explain why one of them is important to you.

    4. What culture (other than your own, classical or modern) has influenced you as a human being? Explain how.

    Short Answer Questions

    1. What is your name?

    2. How old are you?

    3. Where are you from?

    4. What are your strengths as a student?

    5. Your weaknesses?

    6. What is your favorite subject and why?

    7. Your least favourite? Why?

    8. What foreign languages do you know (both ancient and modern)? How well?

    9. What would you like to study that you have not yet studied?

    10. If there is anything else you would like us to know about you, your interests, or your experiences, please add it here:


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