• Welcome to Humanities Spring!!! χαίρετε!! benvenuti!! e salve!! Travel-study summer programs for everyone

    Humanities Spring is for everyone (from kids to high school and college students to adults) interested in a direct, firsthand experience of art, literature, architecture, nature, and the culture, life, and languages of the place we travel together to see – Assisi, New York, Pompeii, Paestum, London, Grasmere, Edinburgh (and much more!) HS is like a big, extended family. Students from the NYC course come back to teach at the Assisi course ( HS is also dedicated to the training of young teachers) or students from Assisi choose to come to NYC to experience the contemporary. Or students from HS Perugia (alias HS Conversazione) decide to come with us to Grasmere in the Lake District,  and stroll through the countryside and gardens so dear to Wordsworth. Whether we are relaxing in a Renaissance park with Renaissance, but also Classical statuary, or in Assisi’s Piazza del Comune for ice cream or an evening spent listening to impromptu concerts, classical or jazz, or experiencing cutting-edge urban design on New York’s High Line, conversation — student-student, student-staff, but also staff-staff, is at the heart of the Humanities Spring experience. At Humanities Spring, we all learn together.