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    Essay Questions

    1. Write out two or three lines of English of which you are particularly fond (poetry, fiction, philosophy, etc). Translate and explain what it is about the lines you love.

    2. What periods of art do you particularly like? Please list them here. Then pick a particular work of art or architecture from one of these periods and explain why you like it.

    3. What work of English or Italian literature has influenced you as a human being? Explain how.

    Short Answer Questions

    1. Where have you traveled in Italy in the last two years? And abroad?

    2. What was your favorite trip?

    3. What foreign languages do you know and how well?

    4. Have you attended, or are you attending, university? If so, where? And what did you study or are you studying?

    5. If you are a high school student, please give the name and location of your high school and list all courses you have taken in the last two years.

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